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If You Plug It, They Will Come (The Return)

New Year, New Project!

Another cutting-edge digital comic from the prodigiously industrious Mike Garley (this one created with top movie/TV scribe James Moran) has just been released. It’s called VS Comics and it’s not on the iTunes store yet (that’s coming) but you can follow this link to buy the double size first issue at a special (low) price.

VS is a really exciting package because it’s a bunch of hugely imaginative creator-led stories that can be in any genre and about any subject the writer/artists desire. So it’s basically a bunch of super-inventive, super-charged passion projects all collected in the same magazine.

I’m writing a 3-parter called ‘Swan Song’, which is drawn by an amazing artist called Rebecca Morse. But if you don’t like my story, you’re still bound to love one or more of the others – they’re all completely different (vampires, superheroes, sci-fi comedy – and that’s just issue one!) yet equally excellent.

Check it out!

VS 1 Cover

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