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Once, Twice, Three Times A Zombie

Mike Garley’s brilliant anthology comic about the immediate effects of a zombie plague – Dead Roots – has reached issue three. And yes, I’ve got a story in there!

It’s called @Zombify and it’s about the global onset of zombie-ism as seen through the eyes of a 16 year old social media geek from Norwich. It seeks to answer that burning question of our times: how would Twitter deal with a zombie plague?

It’s a fun tale but what makes it great is the A-MAZING art by Martin Simmonds (who also draws the fab Eponymous strip in Mike Garley’s other digital comic, VS Comics).

If you like zombies, Twitter or incredible comic book visuals, do check out Dead Roots here.

Even if you don’t like my tale, chances are you’ll love one of the other fabulous stories featured in issue three.

Plug mode disengaged.

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